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Kids of divorce: ‘I wanted to prove to the world that I can have a happy marriage’

Are children of divorce less likely to get married? Can they ever

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Bikini-clad influencers head to Saudi’s AlUla

Move over Marbella and Mykonos, Saudi Arabia’s AlUla is becoming the hottest

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Dubai, Abu Dhabi get their own real estate reality TV show

The UAE is finally getting its own local reality TV show surrounding

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Ounass ‘glitch’ exposed customer bank details, addresses

Some customers shopping on e-commerce platform Ounass have had their personal data

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Emiratis accepting salaries as low as $2,000, says top Dubai recruiter 

Emiratis are accepting monthly salaries as low as $2,000 (AED7,000), according to

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Talib Hashim

If Emiratis aren't entitled to benchmark their salaries with Western expats in

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We are tired of unemployment: Emiratis say

Emiratis say they are tired of unemployment and low-paying jobs after companies

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Buying vape is as easy as a kid buying a bag of chips, says Dubai shop

Electronic cigarettes known as vapes are easily accessible to kids in Dubai

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Indoor farming will ensure UAE food security, experts claim

It’s like a scene from a sci-fi movie: purple UV lights and

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You don’t have to be rich to join: Tam Khan on Dubai private club

Bikini models, luxury watches, supercars, yachts, private jets, and holidays in the

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