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Bikini-clad influencers head to Saudi’s AlUla

Move over Marbella and Mykonos, Saudi Arabia’s AlUla is becoming the hottest

Lubna Hamdan Lubna Hamdan

‘We’re becoming unconscious zombies’ – Gen Z say no to social media

Late night scrolling, harsh blue lights, calculating algorithms and plummeting dopamine levels:

Kathrine Hamdan Kathrine Hamdan

Instagram is turning into PornHub 

Sipping my morning coffee as I scroll through Instagram had always been

Kathrine Hamdan Kathrine Hamdan

Balenciaga: the punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Mother always warned me never to talk to strangers. Little did she

Kathrine Hamdan Kathrine Hamdan

I’d be ashamed to buy Balenciaga: AUD students say

Students at the American University in Dubai would be ashamed to buy

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Pills are ‘in fashion,’ Prada is telling us

It’s usually the fashion world’s most wanted clothing items and accessories that

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What’s so wrong about Andrew Tate?

So let me get this straight: over 56% of girls in Australia

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