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‘We’re becoming unconscious zombies’ – Gen Z say no to social media

Late night scrolling, harsh blue lights, calculating algorithms and plummeting dopamine levels:

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Maaz Sheikh

Not everybody watches Netflix - certainly not the CEO of StarzPlay Arabia,

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Balenciaga: the punishment doesn’t fit the crime

Mother always warned me never to talk to strangers. Little did she

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Buying vape is as easy as a kid buying a bag of chips, says Dubai shop

Electronic cigarettes known as vapes are easily accessible to kids in Dubai

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All you need to know about investing in Jordans

Stocks, real estate, and bonds may be some of the business world’s

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Young Dubai customers are swapping mall shopping for thrifting

From taboo to must-do? Vintage Nike and discontinued Juicy Couture – the

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Keeping up with Gen Z: your guide to their slang

You might have found yourself hearing the most bizarre words in 2022.

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