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UAE sees rise of extreme sports 

Rayssa Leal, women's street winner

Akram Alnuaimy Akram Alnuaimy

Dubai, Abu Dhabi get their own real estate reality TV show

The UAE is finally getting its own local reality TV show surrounding

Lubna Hamdan Lubna Hamdan

Different revenue streams kept BB Social from ‘collapsing to its knees,’ F&B bosses say

Ramusake, Fume, Copper Dog, Barbary, Morimoto, Ruya, The Ivy – these are

Lubna Hamdan Lubna Hamdan

Al Ghadeer Abu Dhabi

3.5 out of 5Al Ghadeer Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi. You see, Al Ghadeer is just 30 minutes away from

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