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It’s like being inside one of Don Draper’s 1960s intimate house parties at his Manhattan loft, except it fits even less people – it can’t be bigger than 700 square feet – which makes it all the more wonderful. If you yearn for “the good old days” of F&B, this is where you should be. It takes you back in time, with over 200 vinyl records decorating the walls, high quality velvet sofas and ottomans in deep reds and blues for guests to unwind in, and spectacular chandeliers hanging from the low ceilings. And while the service is top notch and the staff is incredibly friendly, for a place this wonderful, it opens too late (10PM) giving us less time to enjoy it. Thanks to its intimate nature, it could also use more seating, with one solution being to add a few high-chairs around the bar. Moreover, many a lounges become has-been spots and die out fast because they so quickly lose sight of their identity. For example, why does Suave occasionally play house music, when it promises a retro experience? That will ultimately drive away loyal customers who appreciate it for what it stands for. This brings us to the double-edged sword of its lenient door policy, which is admirable in its humbleness, but can attract the wrong crowd. Don’t get us wrong, there are so many lounges in Dubai that have a strict door policy that is unfounded, because they’re just not good enough or unique enough to have one (and yet they get away with it). The difference with Suave is, it’s not just good enough, it’s more than enough. 

And since it’s located above our favourite restaurant Basko, Suave can add an appetizer menu, too, as it so far only serves drinks.

*Don Draper is a hot shot advertising executive that plays the main character in TV show Mad Men

Review Overview
Suave Lounge 4
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