Same-sex wedding celebrated in Dubai private villa

The grooms set up a dedicated public Instagram page for the party but it has since been suspended

Lubna Hamdan 1 Min Read

A marriage ceremony between two men was celebrated in a Dubai private villa on Saturday night, according to pictures and videos posted on a public Instagram account set up by the men and dedicated to the event. The party used the hashtag love and appreciation.

The account has since been suspended, but footage shows the grooms wore disco-themed coats made up of LGBTQ rainbow colours.

The UAE is considered the GCC’s most tolerant Muslim country, and has recently been focused on relaxing Islamic personal laws, including allowing unmarried couples to live together and legalizing drinking alcohol without a license.

However, homosexuality continues to be illegal in the Emirates, where violators can face punishment including but not limited to jail time.

Footage from the party, which featured a giant palm tree covered in disco balls, continue to circle social media.

Attendees included influencers, journalists and business owners.