Fashion and beauty trends that need to be left in 2022

My New Year’s resolution? To abolish these 2022 trends. The emergence of Y2K and cottage-core are only a few of the many new fashion trends that rose and fell last year. While people have welcomed the new year, one can only hope they’ve said goodbye to these trends.

Kathrine Hamdan 1 Min Read

Micro mini-skirts: Forget classy Chanel-inspired mini-skirts as part of a suit ensemble – apparently, micro mini-skirts that cover little to nothing and look like unused sheets of fabric are ‘in fashion.’ It won’t be so easy covering anything with these skirts, so let’s keep them in 2022, where they belong.

Bleached eyebrows: Someone call Voldemort, his look was stolen. Though celebrities like Julia Fox and Madonna sported bleached eyebrows in 2022, it is simply not the vibes. If you hate your eyebrows so much, microblading and tweezing are there for a reason. 

Cutouts: While there are a number of beautiful cutout pieces like Jenna Ortega’s Gucci dress at the 2023 Golden Globes, cutouts have been getting out of hand – quite like Kendall Jenner’s dress at her friend’s beach wedding, or should we call it gnarled fabric that cost almost $1,500? 


#greenscreen screenshot from IG account: kendalljennercloset

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The whale tail: Taking a hit back to the 2000’s – though not as good as Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dilemma’ – the 2022 whale tail gives the illusion of a g string exposed and connected to the back of trousers, except it’s a little too exposed, if you know what I mean (some things are best left in the bedroom, ladies).  

Clogs: Want to look like a single 40-year-old librarian with 12 cats? Then clogs are the right choice for you. The heavy wooden shoes with an additional thick wooden sole and non-existent foot support will guarantee no one will ever buy them from you at the thrift store. We recommend you save your money and not spend it on something even your grandmother wouldn’t like.

So, the next time you see someone wearing one of these trends, remember how Frankly saved you from that fashion crisis.