Dubai brand Ketish to launch ‘pleasure products’ for women

The company backed by Huda Beauty is tackling the stigma around feminine sexual wellness

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Dubai-based feminine wellness brand Ketish is launching ‘pleasure products’ for women, company founder Emaan Abbass told Frankly’s YouTube show Behind Closed Doors.

The brand, which launched a year and a half ago with the backing of angel investors Huda Beauty, tackles the stigma surrounding feminine wellness and sexual health.

“The vision and the goal for Ketish has always been to develop and release products that kind of fit the entire span of the feminine and sexual wellness category, so we have more products coming,” Abbass says

“Some are body focused, some are pleasure focused and we’re really excited to start expanding into that category, the pleasure book, because there’s such a need for it here, there’s not really a market or a lot of bands that are doing that,” she adds.

Ketish currently develops and sells two products comprising the Quickie, a daily intimate cleansing sheet, and The Potion, a body oil focused on soothing menstrual cramps.

“Every product is inspired by a need, whether my own or the women around me… we provide women with amazing products to be able to get more in tune with her body,” Abbass says. 

Another product in the pipeline promises consumers clinical results.

“It’s a really good one and it’s probably my favourite… what I love about it is you really see the difference. We have some clinical results that are woah, so it’s proven really effective, but I can’t say what it is… it’s worth the wait, I promise,” she says.

While products are an important pillar of the brand’s, Ketish also focuses on educating women on feminine health and sexual wellness, having been inspired by Abbass’ own struggle with cervical cancer at a young age.

“We do a lot in terms of education and creating a space where women can come and be a part of the conversation in a really authentic and unfiltered way and receive education on topics that actually affect her and her feminine and intimate health.

“[Our goal is] continuing to grow the community and educate and also to be able to give back to women in a big way, whether it’s providing resources or access to education and resources. [It’s] another huge goal for us which I hope in 2023 is something we can really start shifting our energy towards,” she says.

Despite facing some backlash from consumers over its provocative branding, with some influencers returning the products that were included in a gift bag, Ketish continues to grow, having recently been introduced to Sephora Middle East’s largest store at The Dubai Mall.