Al Ijaza Cafeteria

Lubna Hamdan 0 Min Read
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It’s basically an establishment in Dubai and one of the first baqalas AKA cafeterias in
Jumeirah. It serves a killer banana milkshake that’s super popular with locals and UAE-born
expats, so anyone with a Nissan Patrol will be found there. And when I say it’s a favourite, I
mean the cue is so long you’ll have to U-turn back twice to get your order, but it’s worth it.
I’m not exaggerating about the cue either. I once shamelessly took a 3-hour lunch break to
get a shawarma from there (and I didn’t even get fired). My favourite branch is in Jumeirah
1 but there’s another one in Jumeirah 3 and of course, Sharjah.

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Review Score 4.5